They Have No More Wine!

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January 16, 2022 John 2:1-11 Epiphany 2, Year C To watch today's worship service click here. Sermon begins at the 9 minute mark. “Did you find everything you needed?,” asked the cashier at Trader Joes.   “Mmm, not really,” I said, as I looked over my list.  I wasn’t put out about it or anything, because I’ve honestly got bigger things to worry about right now. But I’ve been noticing the gaps in the supply chain more and more as I’ve been going to the grocery store these days as I’m sure you have too.  There was no plain whole milk yogurt. They were out of the chicken soup dumplings I like to make for lunch. I couldn’t find chives, grilled chicken, farro, or the chocolate milk that my kids love. But that’s just how it is these days. Stores [...]

Be Gentle With Yourself

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Rev. Sarah Buteux Worship for January 9, 2022 Note: We met via zoom, because we were all craving connection over perfection this morning. Here are the words and prayers from this morning's service. From the Welcome Covid keeps throwing us curve balls, and I can’t predict exactly what’s coming next and how we’ll respond. But I have to say that the not knowing is at least thematically appropriate, because we are now in the season of Epiphany, the season of unexpected reveals and reversals.  Epiphany is all about finding the light and the truth and love in unexpected ways and places and people. It’s a season where we find ourselves on roads we did not intend to travel like the magi,  It’s a season when we are faced with people we did not expect to see asking us to do [...]

I Wonder As I Wander

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Rev. Sarah Buteux January 2, 2021 Matthew 2:1-12    Epiphany 1, Year C  To view this service and sermon, click here “Go to gifts.”  If you’re the one who buys gifts in your household, you know what a “go to gift” is, and if you’re not that person, be thankful you have that person. In fact, you can go ahead and give their hand another squeeze. Not to be confused with “safety gifts,” which are the completely generic gifts you keep stashed away in case of emergencies - like uncle Phil showing up unannounced for Christmas dinner -  “Go to gifts,” are kind of like the hacks of the gift giving world.  They’re the gifts that take the stress out of gift giving during major life events because they are so perfectly suited to the occasion. Popular “go to gifts” [...]

Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols 2021

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In an effort to keep everyone safe we have made the decision to move our Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols online. The service will include a combination of music and readers from last year and a newly recorded welcome and message from the Rev. Sarah Buteux. Click here to go directly to the service. The service will premier on our Facebook and Youtube pages at 7pm on December 24. Merry Christmas to you all.

Rejoice, Ye Brood of Vipers!

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Rev. Sarah Buteux December 12, 2021 Advent 3, C Philippians 4:4-7, Luke 3:7-18 To watch this morning's service click here   “To repent is to stop pushing love away.” - Steve Garnaas Holmes   By all accounts, my 7th grade French teacher was going to be amazing. Madame Donahue’s reputation preceded her. Rumor had it that she was both daring and charismatic.  With her thick mane of long dark hair, her gold hoop earrings, and long colorful skirts, she looked more like Esmerelda from the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” than say Coco Chanel, and she had the free spirit to match.  She showed her class uncensored French films - Ooh la, la, organized overnight trips to Quebec for her students, brought in French foods for them to savor, and told her prudish middle schoolers scandalous stories of her adventures in [...]

Surely The Days Are Coming

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Rev. Sarah Buteux                           November 28, 2021 Advent 1, Year C Jeremiah 33:14-16, Luke 21: 25-36 And so it begins - Advent - the first and strangest season in the church year. Or maybe I should say, and so it ends, given that Advent always begins with the “Day of the Lord” fast approaching.  Outside of these doors people are rushing; rushing because there are only 26 shopping days left between now and Christmas. But in here we’re not rushing. We are waiting; waiting for the birth of a savior that has already come and the return of a savior who is also, somehow, already here.  Out there they speak of want: What do you want for Christmas? But in here we sing of longing, our longing for [...]

Jesus, the King of Subversion

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To watch this morning's service, click here. The sermon begins around the 25 minute mark. I am including the words of welcome here as well because they set the tone for the whole service. Words of Welcome Friends good morning and welcome to First Churches. Today is the culmination of the liturgical year. Today we celebrate “Christ the King” Sunday.  It is also the Sunday before Thanksgiving and so the readings and the music and the sermon, all of which were completed before Friday afternoon, will reflect that.  But given the verdict of not guilty that was handed down on Friday in the Rittenhouse trial, I fully understand that praise and thanksgiving might not be the first thing on everyone’s lips.  I have no doubt that for many of us grief, outrage, and despair, are in the mix as well.  [...]

A Sure Foundation

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Rev. Sarah Buteux November 14, 2021 Proper 28, Year B Mark 13:1-8 To watch this morning's service, click here. The sermon begins at the 22 minute mark.   You all know I’m a little type A.  Ok, you all know I’m a whole lot of type A, which means that I’m a planner. I like to take the long view, get all my ducks in a row, and make sure that everything is covered and done ahead of time so that if anything goes wrong - which it inevitably will - I will have the capacity to fix it.  Even my plan B’s have plan a) and b) subsections. Which, I admit, is a little over the top. But, on the whole, isn’t really a bad thing, because it typically means I’m someone you can count on to get the [...]

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