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Seeds of Faith

The Rev. Sarah Buteux June 17, 2018 Confirmation and Children’s Sunday Seeds of Faith 26He also said, “The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground, 27and would sleep and rise night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow, he does not know how. 28The earth produces of itself, first the stalk, then the head, then the full grain in the head. 29But when the grain is ripe, at once he goes in with his sickle, because the harvest has come.” Mark 4: 26-29 Today’s parable of the seed growing secretly, is the shortest parable Jesus ever told. Which is good since this really needs to be the shortest sermon ever preached.  But it is also one of Jesus’ most confounding parables, precisely because it is so short. It seems so simple and [...]

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“Who Were You Made For?”

 June 4, 2018 Mark 2:23-3:6 Proper 4, Year B  (Photo courtesy of Emery Roth II )   Look around you, First Churches. This is our sanctuary.  This is our holy space. This is where we come together to worship God. As you look around this space, what does it say to you about what we value? What does it says to you about what we regard as important, worthy… dare I say, even, holy? Music- look at that organ. That organ is not messing around. I think those pipes might be taller than my house.   Beauty -look at those stencils, all the beautiful gold leaf crosses way up there.  Art - look at these windows. Is there any light as warm as the glow that comes through that rose window, or any greens, blues and purples as [...]

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Fruit That Will Last

The Rev. Sarah Buteux May 6, 2018 John 15:9-7, Acts 10:44-48  Easter 6B "Fruit That Will Last" “You did not choose me but I chose you.  And I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last…” When I think back to the church of my youth, a church I attended pretty much every week from the time I was born, I don’t remember a whole lot of specifics. I can recall maybe 4 sermons out of the thousands I must have sat through. I don’t remember a whole lot from Sunday school, except being told I needed to stop talking so much about dinosaurs.  I do remember that one infamous youth group lesson about the dangers of dating that could lead to hand holding, or maybe it was hand holding that could lead to dating. I’m not [...]

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“Who’s Afraid of the Resurrection?”

Rev. Sarah Buteux Mark 16:1-8, Easter Sunday, Year B   This story I am about to share with you is a mystery. Year’s ago, I worked as a dorm parent in a girl’s private high school in Connecticut. Andrew and I had an apartment on the third floor where we lived with the juniors and seniors. My primary job was to be around in the evenings: to be a presence on the corridor between dinner and bedtime, oversee 2 hours of quiet study, and then relax and catch up with the girls before putting them to bed at a reasonable hour. Well one night, between dinner and study hall, while my door was open and girls were flitting in and out of my apartment, the phone rang. It was the school nurse calling to tell me that a [...]

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Look And Live

Rev. Sarah Buteux Look and Live Numbers 21:4-9 John 3:14-21 Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year B I don’t know why, but we New Englanders are an intensely private sort of people. We don’t really like to talk to people we don’t know, and if we must make small talk we typically keep it as small as possible. However, there is one thing we will talk about, with pretty much anybody, and that’s…. (anyone want to take a guess?)… the weather. Seriously, how many of you have talked about the weather this week with people you don’t know? Yeah, me too. And man, has this been a week of weather. On Tuesday I went for my morning walk in the woods and it was just beautiful out. The sky was clear. The sun was warm. It was a gorgeous day from [...]

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It’s Not About You, But it Begins With You

The Rev. Sarah Buteux February 18, 2018 Lent 1, Year B, Mark 1:9-15   How many of you here this morning grew up Protestant? And how many of you grew up Catholic? Of those of you who grew up Catholic, how many of you observed Lent? And Protestants, how many of you grew up observing Lent? That’s what I thought. When I was growing up “Lent” was simply as one more reason to loathe the late winter if you were Catholic and give thanks for the fact you weren’t Catholic if you were Protestant. Lent was all about doing without. It was a time to eat fish on Fridays rather than meat; a time to give up chocolate or caffeine or some other guilty pleasure because pleasure is sinful and sin led Jesus to the cross. So basically going without [...]

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Dealing with Demons

Dealing With Demons by Rev. Sarah Buteux Epiphany 4b Mark 1:21-39 After he calls his disciples, Jesus’ ministry in Mark begins with the healing of the sick and the casting out of demons; which would be great for me if my job were to read the scriptures each week and then write up scripts for a supernatural drama on the CW. But it’s not. My job is to stand up here and help you make sense of our Holy Scriptures in fifteen minutes or less so that you too can go on to lead holy and useful lives, be kind, and recycle. Right Betty? Right. Unfortunately for me, and maybe even for you, this week’s passage includes multiple cases of demon possession, public exorcisms, and miraculous healings; not the sort of thing I can really explain or would even expect [...]

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The Baptism of Jesus

Rev. Sarah Buteux January 7, 2018 “The Baptism of Jesus" Epiphany 1, Year B Mark 1:4-11. Acts 19:1-7 How many of you woke up January 1st resolved to in some way be better, slimmer, smarter, healthier, calmer, or just eat more kale? And how many of are still going strong? Excellent. Researchers tell us that for the first 7 days of the new year people are pretty good about keeping their New Year’s Resolutions. I fear I must warn you though that tomorrow, well, tomorrow is not looking good. According to David DeSteno, professor of psychology at Northeastern University, “By Jan. 8, some 25 percent of resolutions (will) have fallen by the wayside. And by the time the year ends, fewer than 10 percent (will be) fully kept.” Which is shockingly low when you think about the billions and billions [...]

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“The Peace that Waits”

by Rev. Sarah Buteux December 10, 2017 Isaiah 40:1-11, Mark 1:1-8 Advent 2 B I’m going to share something very personal with you this morning because I have the sense that there is something well nigh universal in my experience. I am normally a very positive, energetic, and productive person and we are now deep in a season of the year when I need to be operating on all cylinders. But I hit a wall the week before Thanksgiving, and then I started to sink down deep, into one of the worst depressions I’ve experienced in a long time. One of those states where you can’t begin to imagine the rough places ever being made plain or the valleys being lifted up because the mountains are so high you can’t tell if there’s any sun behind them at [...]

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“Revelation: A Choose Your Own Adventure Book, by John Patmos”

The Rev. Sarah Buteux November 5, 2017 All Saints, Year A   Do you remember choose your own adventure books; those books where you’d find yourself, say, on an archaeological expedition in Egypt? By the end of chapter 1 you could either turn to page 17 if you thought the adventure was too dangerous or turn to page 35 if you wanted to follow the fearless leader of the expedition deeper into the tomb of the Pharaoh? Do you remember these? Of course it was always worth a peek at page 17 to confirm that choice would end the story within two more paragraphs; two paragraphs where you found your way back to Kansas on the first flight and ended up at your great Auntie Em’s kitchen table eating sweet potato pie, or something like that. I may be getting [...]

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