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Sermon: “Speak for Your Servant is Listening”

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir January 14,2018 I Samuel 3:1-20 Think for a moment about the most important things that have happened in your life.  Were they researched, chosen, and carefully planned?  Did it involve check lists, deadlines and clearly defined targets?  Or did it feel more like something chose you?  On your road to one journey you were sidetracked into something that became more important.  You were in the right place at the right time.  It was fate, love at first sight.  You didn’t know what else to do so you followed the path in front of you.  Somehow, something, someone…God, or randomness, serendipity, or the Holy Spirit opened the door and you walked through it.   I am a planner and a strategist at heart, and yet most of my life has unfolded through a series of chance [...]

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Christmas Eve: Be Not Afraid

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir December 24 2017 Luke 1:26-38 Be not afraid.  Easier said than done, because life often scares the beejezus out of us.  Just ask Matt Lloyd, a climber who likes to scale ice sheets-for fun!  In a Climbing Magazine article Matt wrote: I was in Vail, Colorado, climbing a spectacular 90-foot curtain of ice…. It had formed a thin, fragile pillar running from the ground to the top in one continuous, beautiful blue column. An ice climber’s dream.! That sounds breath-taking, but Matt is deranged.  Who looks at an ice-sheet the size of our church clock tower and says, “Hey, that looks fun to climb”?   I don’t even like to walk down an icy driveway.  I don’t like too much ice in my water for fear of brain freeze.   So here is Matt focused [...]

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Sermon: “Separating Sheep and Goats, #MeToo #HimToo?

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir November 26, 2017 Scripture:  Matthew 25:31-46   It is not hard to tell a sheep from a goat.  Sheep are large fluffy ones and goats are smaller with the hipster goatee.  You can herd sheep and goats together, because they tend to eat different things.  Sheep like the clover near the ground, and goats eat everything else.  It turns out they need different minerals in their diet.  Sheep and goats have different behavioral characteristics.  Sheep stay close to flock, are more likely to be startled and spooked, and are well-known for their tendency to follow the leader.  Goats are more independent and curious, don’t flock easily and are more likely to fight back.  Shepherding dogs have to be trained specifically for goats, because goats outsmart the dogs by moving around in different directions, and if [...]

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Matthew’s Guide to Taking Risks

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir November 19, 2017 Matthew 25: 16-30   How you relate to this parable depends on who you relate to among the characters.  If you manage people at work or you are a leader, you may relate to the challenge of entrusting other people with responsibility.  If two out of three people on your team come through, that is a very good day.  Delegating work and hoping it will happen is an act of faith.  The old saw, “If you want a job done well, do it yourself,” sticks in every leader’s mind.  But you just can’t do it all.  How many of you have exhausted yourselves, ruined your health, or your relationships, trying this?  Every leader must find a way to let go, trust others and realize that it may not be done in the [...]

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Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

Be Prepared!  Before we start quoting the Boy Scouts motto, being prepared is useful, but not always possible.  Perhaps these five foolish bridesmaids were unprepared, or maybe they had more to do than the other five so-called wise bridesmaids.  And these wise bridesmaids were not so good at sharing their oil.  Isn’t that the essence of the Gospel? Love your neighbor as yourself, give a cup of cold water in my name.  Have a heart, and share your oil.  And what about the bridegroom shutting them out and saying he did not even in know them?  That’s a high price for a lack of preparedness.  I have bad dreams about a lack of readiness, like losing my sermon, , not studying for the biology exam, forget my pants.  On the other hand, my prepared side gets tired of always bailing [...]

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What Makes You Great Again?

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Matthew 22:34-40                                                                               October 29,2017     If you have attended a service in Hebrew, you would hear this prayer, known by its first word Sh’ma., “Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad - "Hear, O Israel: the LORD is our God, the LORD is One."  It is a practice to say this in the morning upon rising and evening the evening before sleep.  It rolls off the tongue as automatically for Jews as “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,” does for Christians.  These are prayers that one never forgets.  I have made pastoral visits where a person seemed to be unable to speak, unable to hear my words or near death, and when I say, “Our Father” out loud, their lips begin to move in rhythm with mine.  They may not recognize their own children, [...]

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Image Is Everything

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Text: Matthew 22:15-22 October 22, 2017   What is money really?  Did you see the front-page picture in the Hampshire Gazette throwing $389 in the air and walking away, and people scrambling to happily pick up?  He said it was a freeing thing to say it is just paper.  Any decent economist will tell you it is only worth what value we give it.  Money is a proxy for something else.  Therefore, it is important to see what we put on our money, because it shows what is the real value behind the fives, tens and zeros.   For example, the when the Euro was created, the new EU had a contest to choose a design.  The winner proposed European architectural time periods, the 5 Euro was Classical Greece, the 10 is Romanesque, the 20 [...]

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Wicked Tenants, Wild Grapes and a Massacre

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir October 8, 2017 Scripture:  Matthew 21:33-46, Isaiah 5:1-7 Click below to play: It’s hard to write a sermon in the eye of an emotional hurricane.  My life isn’t that difficult, but that doesn’t matter when I see angry clouds all around.  I grew up in tornado-ally, so when clouds circle, it’s time to head to the basement.  Which brings me to Monday.  I went through my morning routine of journaling and preparing myself spiritually for the day, with no news, wrote the beginning to my sermon, then the Las Vegas shooting popped on my phone alerts.  Over 50 dead, automatic weapon fire, angry white male without an apparent motive, and the ritual of prayers for the victims begins.  I slammed the door on all of it and went to my emotional basement.  No, [...]

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Sermon: The Insider’s Guide to Volunteering

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir September 24, 2017 Matthew 20:1-16   Click above to listen There is one person in every group who has mastered the art of slacking.  You have been cleaning up the kitchen for an hour, and the slacker comes near the end, “Anything I can do to help?”  They dry two glasses and say something like, “Many hands make light work!”  In your job, when a work team forms, you cringe when you get “the slacker” on your team, because you know you will have to pull their weight, but everyone gets credit.  I dreaded group projects in school, where my grade depended on someone who partied and waited till the last minute to do their part. If you have a sense of responsibility, you can be taken advantage of and resentment can build [...]

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What Would the World Be Like Without Forgiveness?

Sermon preached on September 17 Rev. Todd Weir Scripture:  Matthew 18:21-35 In theory, we think forgiveness is one of the Best. Spiritual. Ideas. Ever.  In practice, we have our reservations.  Second chances are something we all hope to get.  I have gone through divorce and remarriage, so my happiness is dependent on a second chance.  Second chances, even third, are built into the national pastime-baseball.  Imagine baseball if you were out after one strike.  The pitcher throws a fastball.  “Strike one, you’re out!”  Next batter, and the pitcher tries his slider.  “Swing and a miss.  You’re out.”  What will the pitcher throw now?  Here it comes and the batter makes contact and the ball rockets to right field and it drifts foul.  You know what a foul ball is?  It’s a strike, and that is it for the inning.  Baseball [...]

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