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Jesus Confronts the Propagandists

Sermon By Rev. Todd Weir June 10, 2018  Scripture:  Mark 3:20-35      Mark’s Gospel lesson today shows us how propaganda works.  Set the terms of a debate by labeling your opponent first, and attach them to something abhorrent.  Here is how Jesus’s opponents do it.  “You are in league with Beezlebul.”   You’re working for the devil, aren’t you, that is where your power comes from!  We see variations of this regularly.  Since 9/11, an effective smear is to say your opponent is supporting terrorism.  This works well against pro-immigration policies.  “We can’t just have terrorist flooding in from Muslim countries!  And drug dealers and murderers too.”  New NRA President Oliver North recently took this strategy to new heights,  calling Parkland student gun-control activists “terrorists.”  Imagine how North can say this with a straight face, after famously trading with a US designated terrorist state of Iran, sending anti-air and anti-tank missiles to [...]

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Trinity Sunday: “God is Love in Alignment”

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir May 27, 2018 Scripture:  Isaiah 6:1-8 (click above to listen) Today is known as Trinity Sunday.  In talking about God as three persons in one substance, we can get lost in the intellectual challenge of defining how the creator, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are inter-related.  A neglected topic is how more images of God creates a depth and balance to our understanding of God.  Our imagination of God has implications for how we live, our ethics, self-understanding and purpose.  Religious dreams, like Isaiah’s vision of God and flying seraphs, are strange and wondrous things, that shape our view of God.   St. Theresa had a vision of the soul as a diamond in the shape of a castle, with seven mansions, which were symbolic of seven stages of spiritual development. This vision became a [...]

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“Where the Spirit Meets Us”

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir May 20, 2018 - Pentecost Sunday Scripture:  Romans 8:22-27 The Pentecost story is supercharged with rushing wind, tongues of flames, ecstatic speaking in many languages as a mass phenomenon.  Pentecost is described like a mass rally, charged with energy, a great outburst.  It’s the Pride March on Holy Spirit steroids. Its tempting to preach this story, especially in this time of rallies, in a small city where we have weekly rallies for something.  But the lectionary text of Paul’s epistle to the Romans compels me.  I live more of my life outside the supercharged environment, in that space where I experience a groaning, hoping, not knowing, needing help to pray and a spirit that will be with me when the words don’t come.   My morning news reading is full of the groanings, of all creation, waiting [...]

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Sing a New Song

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Cantata Sunday, May 13, 2018 Scripture:  Psalm 96   My mornings have changed dramatically the last few days.  Since November, the house has been shut tight against the cold, and therefore the sounds of the outdoors.  Now we open our windows a crack for the fresh air, and very early with the rosy, fingered dawn, the birds begin to chirp and sing.  (figure out who is first, and what calls) Mornings now begin with music.   Imagine for a moment if the writer of John’s Gospel had thought to write, “In the beginning was the tone, the note, and then the cord, the scale, (play these on the piano as you say them.)  I wonder which came first, the words or the music?   What if the writer of Genesis had thought about music, on [...]

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Where the Welcome Meets the Road

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir April 29, 2018 Scripture:  Acts 8:26-40   How did Christianity spread to become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire in the 4thcentury after Jesus?  At this weekend’s Awakening Conference, Bart Erman, author of “The Triumph of Christianity, tried to answer the question.  One school of thought is that Christianity prospered because of its exclusivist and missionary nature, and after the conversion of Constantine, the power of the Roman State was used to crush all the pagan religions as the emperor used religion to consolidate power.   School number two holds that Christianity was a more egalitarian religion that grew gradually among the lower classes.  There was more room for women and slaves to participate.  And early Christianity had a system of care for widows and orphans, the most vulnerable people in society.  When two [...]

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“Joyful Disbelief and Still Wondering”

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir April 15, 2017 Easter 3B  Luke 24:36-48 (In Eastertide, we have 40 days to reflect on the challenges of understanding the resurrection, and the whatever doubts and complications arrive theologically as we think about if we believe in miracles, are open to mystery, and want to have faith along with our questions.  Consider this part to of dealing with doubt, while living in faith. I believe, help me with my unbelief!)   The first Easter did not have any good music yet, no trumpets or handbells or “Hallelujah Chorus.”  Jesus arose without a sound track, no “selfies,” no PR firm coordinating Youtube videos, showing Jesus smiling with the common people of demographic significance.  (Also no Cambridge Analytica or Facebook fake news add placement to give you the Pro-Pilate point of view!)  So obviously there would be [...]

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What Are You Waiting For?

Sermon from April 8, 2018 Rev. Todd Weir Scripture:  John 20:19-31 Jesus Appears to the Disciples and Doubting Thomas                                                            “I will believe it when I see it.”  How often have you spoken these words?  When I was a supervisor for housing case managers, my job was to check up on their work through their case notes.  My constant refrain was “If you did not write it down, it did not happen.”  I’m at the age where I trust paper trails more than my memory!  People often promise things, but when we have been through several disappointments, we might say, “We will see.”   When the disciple Thomas hears the other disciples [...]

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Palm Sunday: How Do You Enter Jerusalem?

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir March 25, 2018 Scripture:  Mark 11:1-11 What was it like in Jerusalem on that day we now call Palm Sunday?  Imagine -The energy level is intense as spiritual pilgrims flood into the city for the most holy Passover Festival.  People jostle in packed markets hoping to get a sufficiently large and tender lamb.  A vendor haggles with three customers to the get the best inflated price for his stock.  The Temple bustles with last minute cleaning and decorating, clinking coins are carefully counted, a cacophony of cattle, lambs and dove calls.  Roman Guards are posted, alert for pick-pockets and trouble-makers.  Scribes and rabbis are rehearsing their teachings, ready for arguments and debate on hot-button issues and the questions of pilgrims.  Both sides are aware that Jesus of Nazareth is rumored to be on his way.  [...]

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Sermon: Time to Rearrange the Furniture

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Text: John 2:13-22 (Unfortunately I felt sick and went home, but you might as well share the sermon since it has several current references.  Be sure to scroll down and watch the NRA video.)   Here’s a great trick question to stump your Fundamentalist/Biblical literalist friends.  When did Jesus go to the Temple and turn over the tables of the money changers?  Most people will say “Palm Sunday” because three Gospels place the story there, but not John’s Gospel.  He has Jesus in the Temple right here in the beginning of Chapter 2.  Jesus is baptized, calls some disciples, changes water into wine at the wedding in Cana, and goes right to Jerusalem and starts knocking over tables.  Mark’s Gospel, written first around 70 CE places the Temple episode at the end of Jesus ministry [...]

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Sermon: “Great Suffering”

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir February 24, 2018 Scripture:  Mark 8:31-38 I do not like this story, but it must be told.  It is the story of turning point in the ministry of Jesus, and it has great effect on any disciple who follows him.  It is a crossroads moment, and something that we all face, often more than once in a lifetime.  Suffering brings us to this moment, and we must choose wisely what to do with it.  Pain and suffering often mean- stop doing whatever you are doing.  It is hurting you!  But other times suffering comes because we are doing something hard, yet it must still be done.  Almost any life change brings a measure of suffering with it.  So how do we know the difference between unnecessary suffering which is best to avoid, and suffering which [...]

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