Do The Right Thing

Thank you for joining us for worship. To view the service, click here:   The text for the sermon and resources for anti-racism work are below.   Rev. Sarah Buteux                     Trinity Sunday, Year A   2 Corinthians 13:5-14 I need to begin in 1st century Corinth this morning, because I don’t know where to begin with 21st Century America right now. We’ll get there, but I’m going to need to come at all this sideways…tell the truth but tell it slant, if you will.  Instead, let me begin by telling you that what you just heard was the end of a letter, a letter written 2000 years ago.  Now a letter that old might appear to be completely irrelevant to this moment we find ourselves in, but I don’t think [...]

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Some Parades Aren’t Meant to Be – A Sheltered Palm Sunday

April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday Click Here to watch Video Rev. Todd Weir Matthew 21:1-17   I love a good parade – always have.  As a child my mother loaded me in a red wagon and took me to the humongous parades at Iowa State University.  Students put all their Springtime yearnings and creativity into the floats.  It was Spring 1968, and I remember marching bands and one group of hippies, all wearing overalls and playing “This Land is Your Land” by blowing on Coke bottles.  The PRIDE March in Northampton is my favorite parade, with its rainbow of joy, and celebration that love is love.  Parades celebrate who we are.  They can also be a protest against what is unjust, and a hope for a better future.  It is heart-breaking when it rains on our parade, or worse, [...]

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Can Our Dry Bones Live?

Click here to watch video Rev. Todd Weir Ezekiel 37:1-14                                                                       March 29, 2020   Can you still remember what you gave up for Lent?  We have given up a lot in the past few weeks – handshakes, warm embraces, shopping, haircuts and a cup of coffee with a friend.  Worse, things have been taken away from us – Sunday gatherings, security, health, 3 million jobs.  In the midst of adapting and worrying and flattening the curve, I have forgotten what I pledged to do for Lent.  Yet I feel like I am living Lent more deeply, facing the vulnerability and uncertainty of our human condition.  Lent feels unavoidable.   A pastor on a Facebook forum raised the issue if Easter could be moved back a few weeks till we gather again.  I’m sympathetic. Virtual Easter will be weird.   But something [...]

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We Must Work…

Click here to watch the video! Rev. Sarah Buteux March 22, 2020 Lent 4, Year A Psalm 23 John 9:1-7 “Christ is present to us, insofar as we are present to each other.”  -Herbert McCabe “Rabbi,” asked the disciples, “who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”  It may have been Andrew or Philip who asked. John just says it was “the disciples.” But I bet it was Nathaniel. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth,” Nathaniel. Yeah. He always struck me as a bit judgy. “Who sinned” asked Nathaniel, “…that this man was born blind?  “Who sinned,” and caused this ostensibly bad thing to happen? I don’t know if it’s a good question, but it’s certainly an understandable one. Because if we could just figure out whose fault it is when bad things happen, we [...]

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Faith in a Time of Fear – Click on the photo to watch video

Rev. Todd Weir Exodus 17:1-7                                                                         March 15, 2019   I was taken aback when I walked into the conference room at my first church.  The faded institutional yellow paint was peeling.  A beat up wooden table was surrounded by metal folding chairs.  A decades old stretcher in the corner on battered wooden poles, and the army green canvas was brittle and frayed.  At a council meeting I asked why the stretcher was there.  “Oh, that is an important church artifact.  During the flu epidemic of 1918, the church chapel was used as a hospital.  We have kept this stretcher ever since to remember.”  That’s great.  But why is it behind the door?  If it is important, why not mount it on the wall of the chapel and put up a plaque to remember?”   This suggestion was met with awkward [...]

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