Doom-Scrolling in the Wilderness

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Scripture:  Exodus 16 “Doom-scrolling” is now on the new word watchlist for the Marriam-Webster dictionary.  It means “the tendency to continue to surf or scroll {online} through bad news, even though that news is saddening, disheartening, or depressing.”  Welcome to a typical Thursday while I read the news and write my pastoral prayers.  Should I start with the scenes of Oregon amid Dante’s Inferno?  Or the Twitter video of anti-mask protestors chanting at Target, proclaiming their freedom as COVID spreaders?  Should I read about another Hurricane, the barking-mad rantings of talk show hosts or even government officials, or forced hysterectomies of detainees by ICE doctors. How can I tell if I’m a doom-scroller or just well informed? Click here to watch Sunday's Service    As I contemplated the people complaining against Moses, I felt a [...]

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Moses vs. Pharaoh Part II: Superpower Battles of Creation vs. Chaos

Sermon for September 13, 2020 by Rev. Todd Weir Scripture:  Exodus 14      This would be a great time for a Superhero to come in and fix things.  How are ancient miracle stories like the parting of the Red Sea relevant to us now?  Do you believe Moses commanded the waters to part allowing the dramatic escape of slaves to freedom?   Do we really expect God to dramatically intervene, bending the forces of creation as a modern Moses lifts his commanding hand?  Do we have to choose between science and faith?  Many commentators try to rescue the text by looking for a way the parting of the Red Sea could happen as a natural phenomenon.  Under certain tidal and wind conditions, a passageway could temporarily appear, and the Hebrews could walk across the land bridge.  The heavy chariots and [...]

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Passover, Plagues and Praise Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir September 6, 2020 Scripture:  Exodus 12 Today’s biblical text begins with the 10th and final plague on Egypt.  Because of COVID, I have some new questions about this scripture.  What does it take to recognize a plague is a real threat?  What did the average Egyptian think as Moses and Pharaoh dueled over the fate of the Hebrew slaves?  First, the water turned red.  That is a real thing.  Plankton can create a bioluminescent red tide, so that could have been a natural occurrence.  Then came the frogs.  At first, the kids ran in the streets trying to catch them.  Frogs are cute, think Kermit.  But at night, it gets pretty loud.  Then came the annoying gnats, the pesky flies.  I was once swarmed on a trail and any exposed flesh was attacked.  Flies [...]

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Parables for a Liminal Space

Rev. Todd Weir Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52                                                                   July 26, 2020 I have preached on this passage many times and I realized this week that I have often missed the real point.  This is a great passage to run out to the Indian grocer, buy some mustard seed for the children’s sermon, and talk about what a wondrous plant comes from humble beginnings.  Therefore, if the Kingdom of Heaven is like a tiny mustard seed, we can have hope when we feel our efforts are unremarkable compared to the world’s need, and trust that God is going to do great things from our small plantings, and spread the Kingdom among us.  Don’t be afraid to start small in life, because God always has a bigger plan.  Small is beautiful! That is not a bad sermon to preach.  I do believe that God [...]

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Do The Right Thing

Thank you for joining us for worship. To view the service, click here:   The text for the sermon and resources for anti-racism work are below.   Rev. Sarah Buteux                     Trinity Sunday, Year A   2 Corinthians 13:5-14 I need to begin in 1st century Corinth this morning, because I don’t know where to begin with 21st Century America right now. We’ll get there, but I’m going to need to come at all this sideways…tell the truth but tell it slant, if you will.  Instead, let me begin by telling you that what you just heard was the end of a letter, a letter written 2000 years ago.  Now a letter that old might appear to be completely irrelevant to this moment we find ourselves in, but I don’t think [...]

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