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Here at First Churches we have developed a Youth Collective with St. John’s Episcopal and Edwards Church, U.C.C., to strengthen our offerings for young people and our sense of fellowship. Below is our preliminary Calendar of events.


Special Events 2015-2016


Pizza and Planning Get Together

September 27th 11:45-1:00 at First Churches

Come gather with youth from Edward’s and St. John’s, as we play games, enjoy pizza, and plan out events for the upcoming year we can all enjoy together.


Gleaning for Rachel’s Table 

October 11th 11:45-3:45

Meet @ Edwards Church at 11:45. We’ll join with youth from the other churches and harvest food leftover in the fields of a generous local farmer that we will then take to a donation center.


Talent Show to Benefit
St. John’s Youth Pilgrimage
November 7th, 6:00 pm

Christmas Fair

Date TBD 8-1
Holiday bazaar with pies, raffles, Heifer animals, and much, much more.
Come help staff the craft table for kids.


“How Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?”

Retreat led by Pastor Sarah, Olivia Leone,
and the Rev. Matt Carriker
December 5-6 @ Craigville Retreat Center

December 6th Hot Chocolate Run
There will be no Sunday Morning Worship Service or Sunday School. Instead we will meet Sunday evening at 4:00pm for a potluck dinner, the hanging of the greens, and worship

Christmas Pageant
December 20th

Come by 9:30 am for a costume.

24th Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7:30 pm


Overnight at St. John’s
January 17, 8pm-8am