Opening to God’s Love

First Churches 2021-22 Pledge Campaign

Dear Friends,

Something extra special took place at First Churches this past year.  Far from closing us down, the pandemic opened us up to God’s love in new and different ways.

We hosted a winter homeless shelter.  We participated in virtual books groups, Centering prayer, Bible studies, communion, Vespers, and Coffee Hour.  We tuned in across several different states for gorgeously crafted Sunday morning YouTube services. And we gave in record breaking amounts to the Pastors Fund, One Great Hour of Sharing, and the Haiti Fund.

If you have not been able to join in church activities as much this past year, please know that when we reopen you will be returning to an even stronger church community. 

We chose “Opening to God’s Love” as the theme for our stewardship campaign to reflect this growth but also as our prayer for the coming year.  As we reopen our building for worship, we believe that the transforming love we felt for each other this year will also be felt by each new person who enters our building.  With God’s love in the mix, great things are bound to happen!

We hope you will join us in tithing a portion of your income to continue the tremendous work and privilege of making God’s love and justice real in the world.  Help keep our staffing, programming, and missions strong.  Your pledge is our future.

Thank you for giving to this year’s stewardship campaign.

In faith,

Julie Anderson, Rev. Sarah Buteux, Jenna Sellers, Rev. Todd Weir


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So how much should I give?

We trust that you will be as generous as you can, with Gods guidance and within your own circumstances. If you have never pledged, we hope that you will do so for the first time. If you already pledge, we hope you can continue at your current level of giving, or even step up your giving to keep our ministry strong during this challenging time. Alternately, if finances are stressful right now, know that we have a Pastors Fund to lend a hand.



2019 Pledges = $163,595  from 82 pledges.     The average pledge = $1995

2020 Pledges = $196,464 from 80 pledges.   The average pledge = $2455

2020-2021 Asking Budget

Total Operating Budget                      $413,000

Pledge Goal for 2021-2022                $205,000

Please offer your pledge by May 24.


image of church doors by K. HawkerSelf,