Here for Each Other

First Churches 2020 Pledge Campaign

A few nights ago, Pastor Sarah told us a story about her daughter, Genevieve:

“We were talking about an on-line class being offered by her dance studio and acknowledging how it just wouldn’t be the same as dancing with others. ‘Well,’ she said, ‘at least we dont have to pay for dance classes during this time.’ Andrew and I explained that we would continue to pay for her tuition because we want her dance studio to exist on the other side of this pandemic.” That story struck a chord with our stewardship team.

Like many of you, we are doing what we can to help keep people, organizations, and restaurants we love afloat during this time. Virtual tip jars, take-out, and good old-fashioned generosity have provided a vital lifeline for people still in business and for people who cannot work right now.  The church is no different.

COVID-19 may have closed our building, but First Churches is as active as ever with online Bible study, book groups, centering prayer, meetings, weekly vespers, Sunday worship, and even coffee hour.

Even though we cannot meet in person, members have continued to fulfill their pledges. Some of you have even made additional gifts to help offset the increased needs in our community and Covid’s impact on our rental income.

We chose “Here for Each Other” as our theme for this year’s stewardship campaign because First Churches reaffirms this every time we baptize an individual and promise that our resources are your resources.  We recognize that this is a hard time to make a financial commitment because none of us know s what lies ahead. But one thing your generous support guarantees is that your church will survive and stay strong whatever the future might bring.

Now is the time to step up if you are able to give for the sake of those in need.  Now is the time to step up and give to keep our staffing and our programming strong. Now is the time to inquire about planned giving, online giving, and/or making First Church your beneficiary.

Thank you for giving to this year’s stewardship campaign. May God bless you and keep you safe. Your pledge is our future.

In Faith,

Jenna Sellers, Julie Anderson, Matthew Dalton, MJ Pederazani Dinneen, Meg Largey, Dan Miller, Pastor Sarah Buteux, and Pastor Todd Weir

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So how much should I give?

We trust that you will be as generous as you can, with Gods guidance and within your own circumstances. If you have never pledged, we hope that you will do so for the first time. If you already pledge, we hope you can continue at your current level of giving, or even step up your giving to keep our ministry strong during this challenging time. Alternately, if finances are stressful right now, know that we have a Pastors Fund to lend a hand.

Pledge Breakdown 2019-2020

Pledge Breakdown 2019-2020

Pledge total: $163,595   
Pledge units: 82
Average Pledge: $1995
Pledge Amounts:
$500-$999: 19
$1000 -$1999: 17
$2000 – $2900: 10
$3000-$3900: 10
$4000-$5999: 8
$6000-$10,000: 4


In the chart above you can see a breakdown of our current giving. Our average annual pledge is $1995. Notice how every pledge level is integral to helping us meet our budget. As you consider your pledge for this year, reflect on these questions:

Please offer your pledge by May 24.