12 Ways to Be Christian


Dear Friends and Members of First Churches,

When stewardship season rolls around each year, there is always this temptation to zero in on the bottom line and then ask everyone to give as they are able to keep the many ministries of our church up and running. But the end of stewardship is not to balance the church budget. It’s to invite us all into the work of being Christian together. We’re all works in progress, especially when it comes to the life of faith. My hope is that you’ll make a pledge to our stewardship campaign because you believe that your involvement in First Churches is helping you become a more faithful, just, and generous person.

Being a part of First Churches has certainly had this effect on me and my family. But one of the unexpected blessings of being a part of our community is seeing how First Churches helps people in and around our church be better people overall. Your pledge keeps our beautiful historic doors open for our own congregation to learn and grow and serve. And it also provides space for thousands of people in our community to come and find the hope and healing they need. Over fifty-two groups use our building over the course of the year for worship, art, community organizing, gathering, and recovery. Your pledge enables us to be present and open to the needs of our community. Your generosity makes God’s love and justice real, not just through what we do, but what we enable people of many faiths to do for one another.

The film above details twelve ways to be Christian. But as I look around First Churches I see many, many more. We’ll be mailing out pledge cards to you all on May 1. Our Goal for this year’s campaign is to raise between $180,000- $200,000. In order to meet this goal we hope to inspire long time givers to increase their pledge and new givers to join us in our mission. Whether you are pledging for the first time or have been supporting our church for many years, I invite you to give as generously as you are able. Give as a way of being Christian and because your gift will strengthen the community in and around First Churches as we all live into being more like Christ together.

Bless you and thank you,

Rev. Sarah Buteux