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A Hopeful Word Spoken Out of Place

Rev. Todd Weir Isaiah 35: 1-10                                                                                    September 5, 2021   The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom;   Somewhere around 2008, Isaiah 35 became my favorite bible verse.  Hope did not come easy for me at that time.  I was still working through a divorce that felt more like a war of attrition after three years.  I lived with a colostomy bag on my stomach and waited for a fifth surgery in 18 months.  I had moved in with Jeanne, which was more accurately a crash landing.  We were trying to blend families with teenagers, and my job at a shelter involved dealing with drug relapses and people on a hard road to recovery.  I decided it was time to write, so I started a blog on the weekly scriptures from working [...]

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Walking With Jesus in Herod’s World

Scripture:  Mark 6:14-29 Rev. Todd Weir (Click below to watch full service) https://youtu.be/VjF75H5Wy1Y How many of you thrive on conflict?   Some people enjoy the struggle and get energy from opposition.  Arguing and pressing for a cause ignites them.  This trait makes some people excellent social activists, and others are just bullies.  But the majority of us are exhausted by conflict.  When Jeanne and I argue, neither of us can sleep until we have come to better terms with each other.  I spent a Sabbatical learning about conflict resolution and transformation because it was hard on me.   How do you think Jesus handled conflict?  If you think of Jesus as the wise, compassionate, and forgiving friend and savior, you might think he was so good at handling conflict that he always resolved it.  Therefore, if we are patient, kind, and [...]

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Ascension Sunday, May 16, 2021 Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Acts 1:15-26   Where do we go from here?  What does the new Jesus Movement do after Christ ascends into heaven?  Acts of the Apostles is the next chapter of Luke’s two-part series. Forty days ago, two disciples walked to Emmaus and met the Risen Christ in the breaking of bread.  After 40 days of wondrous appearances to many followers, Christ has now ascended into the sunset.  How will this fledgling movement handle the loss of its leader? Imagine a church where your leader was convicted in court and brutally executed as a criminal.  And yet he lives, hope is restored, but there he goes again.  The disciples probably wonder, “Now what?  It is all on us, and what will we do, who will lead us, how will we organize ourselves?  [...]

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You Have One Job

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir I John 4:7-21 May 2, 2021 A popular meme series on Facebook called “You had one job.”   It shows how often we fail at things which should be simple.  Imagine a misspelled stop sign.   A cryptic sign on a trash bin reads “empty when full.”  There is a “back-to-school” display of large kitchen knives.  That seems inappropriate, unless it’s a cooking school, perhaps?  A cake decorator was too literal with the directions and put these four words on the cake “Just Write Happy Birthday.”   Or the sign that says, “Give cyclists space,” which sits in the middle of the bike lane.  You wonder what happened in each situation.  Was someone in a rush?  Were they distracted or just too lazy to care?  There are enough fails to publish a yearly calendar with a “You had [...]

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Open Wide Your Hearts

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir II Corinthians 6:1-13 April 25, 2021   Paul says , “Open wide your hearts.”  How do we do that?  Put your hand on your heart, as you do when you pledge, and try to feel the beat. The heart's job is to pump blood through the circulatory system.  Oxygen-rich blood travels to 30 trillion cells in your body, so they can survive and do their work. An average heart beats 60 to 70 times per minute.  Today your heart will thump away over 115,000 times. In an average lifespan, it was hammer away 3 billion times.  The heart never sleeps, never stops to rest. Its rhythm keeps the body alive.  Hearts serve life, a constant giving, flowing out into its small world of our bodies. Think about that before you order a Baconator Burger. When [...]

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When Is An Ending Not an End?

Rev. Todd Weir Preached on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 Scripture:  Mark 16:1-8   “When is an ending not the end?  When a dead man rises from the tomb-and when a Gospel ends in the middle of a sentence.”   A great story is only as good as the ending.  I like stories where the plot twists surprise me.  The surprise can’t be too out of the blue, like aliens suddenly appear unless aliens are there from the beginning.  The big twist needs foreshadowing.  I also like movies where the main characters overcome an obstacle and have to grow and find something inside they didn’t know they had.  Most action movies with great car chase scenes and lots of shooting fail.  What was the point of “Fast and Furious 5”?  Do Vin Deisel or Bruce Willis ever learn anything about themselves?  I want an ending like the “Lord of [...]

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Come and See

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir January 17, 2021 John 1:43-51   "Can any good come out of Nazareth?" Hearing Nathaniel's ugly question brings a flash of red to my cheeks.  This story is supposed to be inspiring about Jesus calling his first disciples, declaring the wonders they will see, like Jacob's ladder where angels ascend and descend, connecting heaven and earth. I'll get there, but I can't step over Nathaniel's small-minded question.   I'm sensitive to expressions of prejudice right now.  Some of this is personal.  Can any good come from Nazareth isn't far from; can any good come from Boone, Iowa, my hometown.  When I came to seminary in Boston, my classmates were bemused there was such a place.  Did Daniel Boone actually live there?  (No, his son Nathaniel founded the town.). I think I flew over Iowa once. [...]

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A Lighthouse to Guide Us Home

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir John 1:9-18 January 3, 2021 "The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world." We’ve had wonderful celestial lights in this solstice season of long nights and short days.  I was awakened by the big full moon, glowing yellow and orange as it sets in the morning sky.  The planets in our solar system aligned for the first time in 800 years.  It recalls the magi's story as a bright star aligned to guide them toward a newborn king. We look up at the heavenly lights in wonder, searching for astrological signs from the gods which will tell us who we are and what will happen next.  We see constellations, stories, patterns, comets and speculate what it all means.  The starry heavens provide more profound stability beyond our anxious days.  Mariners found the [...]

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The Power of What You Are Not

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir John 1:6-8, 19-28 December 13, 2020 I know many of you ready to get to the main event of Christmas 12 days from now.  Some people put up Christmas lights the day after Halloween.  We went to get our tree on the first Saturday of December because we noticed several Jewish families in the neighborhood were decorating ahead of us. Our supplier was running out of good trees because everyone was early. This year we don't know how a pandemic Christmas will be.  We might be masked up, Zoomed in, or quarantined at the last minute.  I hear some people relieved of the big holiday gathering burdens, and others are deeply saddened and grieving.   I'm OK with Christmas, but Advent is a sacred season that fits me.  I like quietly lighting candles. I prefer [...]

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How to Survive the Apocalypse

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Mark 13 November 29, 2020 When Jeanne came home from the grocery store with a flat of white beans, a case of wine, and candles, she joked, “I’m prepared for the apocalypse!”   In general, when we hear about people building bomb shelters, stockpiling canned food, guns, and ammunition, we think they are paranoid.  Some days we think they may just be right.  I Googled “how to survive the apocalypse” and found an article in the Economist titled “I Will Survive.”    It introduced the new term “preppers,” people who actively prepare for a civilization cataclysm, whether COVID, a meteor, or North Korea sending a nuclear missile.  Preppers have websites, monthly meetings and dedicate their time and treasure to being prepared.  James Wesley Rawles, a premier prepper blogger, says his readers include fundamentalist Christians (please note 40 [...]

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