These Spring, First Churches is pleased to host a book discussion group on Ron Story’s well-received and
important new book about Jonathan Edwards. Ron gave a compelling sermon in October at First Churches
regarding Edwards’s concern for the poor of Northampton in his day. Watch for the book to be available soon
at Second Hour, and you can also see Ron at Broadside Books on Main Street in Northampton on Tuesday,
January 22 at 7:00 PM.

The dates for discussion will be:

March 5
March 19
April 2
April 16
April 30

(From the back cover)
Jonathan Edwards has long epitomized the Puritan preacher as fiery scold, fixated on the inner struggle of the
soul and the eternal flames of hell. In this book, Ronald Story offers a fundamentally different view of
Edwards, revealing a profoundly social minister whopreached a gospel of charity and community bound by

Drawing on Edwards’s own sermons and notebooks, Story reveals the minister’s belief that divine love
expressed in the human family should take us beyond tribalism, sectarianism, provincialism, and
nationality….Gracefully and compellingly written, this book represents a new departure in Edwards studies,
revising the long-standing yet misleading stereotype of a man whose lessons of charity, community and love
we need now more than ever.