casinoWondering why Massachusetts casinos are back on the ballot again? To find out, come to the Casino Gambling Forum on Monday, Oct. 27, 7pm, in Northampton First Churches’ Lyman Hall. The panel will include Bob Steele, a former Connecticut congressman, who has written a book called “The Curse,” describing the effect of casino gambling on a CT town. Also speaking will be Bob Goodman, a retired Hampshire College professor, who is one of the top researchers in the country on gambling. Organizers at the church made several attempts to find people to represent the pro-casino point of view, but they all “declined the invitation.” They have a large TV advertising budget. Be sure to vote Tuesday, Nov. 4. “No” means casinos will be built in Massachusetts. Voting “Yes” means no Massachusetts casinos.


Here’s a good feature from WBUR-FM last week: