Finding Peace in the Struggle

Rev. Sarah Buteux May 22, 2022 John 14:21-29,  Easter 6 Year C To watch the full service click here. Sermon begins at the 38 minute mark.   Geraldine Talley Celestine Chaney Roberta Drury Marcus Morrison Andrea Mackniel Aaron Salter Heyward Patterson Katherine Massey Ruth Whitfield Pearl Young I’ve been sitting with these names all week; the names of 10 innocent people who were killed last Sunday because it is still so dangerous to be black in America.  John Cheng John was a member of the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in California. He died last Sunday because it is dangerous to be Asian too.   In a country where there are more guns than people, the truth is that it’s dangerous to be anyone at all, but when you combine systemic racism with easy access to firearms, it is people of color [...]

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“He Said What?!”

Rev. Sarah Buteux April 10, 2022 Palm Sunday, Year C Luke 19:28-44 (To watch this morning's service click here. The sermon begins at the 30 minute mark.) Andrew and I met 28 years ago this past week, and we have been together ever since. You don’t last that long as a couple without developing both a sense of humor about each other’s deficiencies and creative ways to call them out.  And one of the greatest deficiencies we each bring to this marriage is our inability to give each other our full attention. It’s hard to imagine, I know, but it’s true.  So, one of the more common refrains you will hear in our house is the phrase: “… so I ordered one in green and they said they’ll deliver it on Thursday.”  Because, you see, if you’re paying attention enough [...]

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Lord Have Mercy

By Rev. Sarah Buteux March 20, 2022 Lent 3, Year C Isaiah 55:1-13  Luke 13:1-9 To watch this morning's service click here. The sermon begins at the 38 minute mark.   Some trees really ought to be taken down.  At least that’s what the tree guy tells me. I don’t know if he works for the electric company or the town, but he comes by every so often to survey the great eastern pines that border our property.  They are all 5 or 6 stories high, massive conifers with huge, thick branches that can break off in the wind.  We’ve had a few close calls and some storms that have caused us worry. When the snow is thick and heavy or the wind kicks up and those giants begin to sway, it can be scary.  But I’m loathe to part [...]

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Access: the Way to Jesus

by Rev. Joanne Graves Sunday October 10, 2021 Mark 2:1-12 Today’s scripture lesson will be shared in a storytelling format which has its roots in Jewish midrash. I will be sharing the nuances of these passages from a first-person point of view. These perspectives are within the text, but sometimes are not so obvious. The process of storytelling enables the interpreter to bring out unexpected or overlooked details in the story. Sometimes, the story is not even what you thought it to be. “The Story Another day is done. Well, I survived with the help of my friends: James, Peter, Obed, Isaiah, and Mary. They have carried me. Made my dinner. Doctored the sores on my back and bottom. Changed my clothes. Washed me everywhere. Helped me eat. Made up a fresh bed. Laundered my clothes. Changed my diapers. They’ve [...]

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A Hopeful Word Spoken Out of Place

Rev. Todd Weir Isaiah 35: 1-10                                                                                    September 5, 2021   The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom;   Somewhere around 2008, Isaiah 35 became my favorite bible verse.  Hope did not come easy for me at that time.  I was still working through a divorce that felt more like a war of attrition after three years.  I lived with a colostomy bag on my stomach and waited for a fifth surgery in 18 months.  I had moved in with Jeanne, which was more accurately a crash landing.  We were trying to blend families with teenagers, and my job at a shelter involved dealing with drug relapses and people on a hard road to recovery.  I decided it was time to write, so I started a blog on the weekly scriptures from working [...]

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“To Whom Can We Go?”

To View this morning's sermon click here Rev. Sarah Buteux August 22, 2021 John 6:56-69 Proper 16, Year B “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life.” Has life always been this hard?  I’m not asking for a friend. I am really looking around at the state of the world and the church, my life and your lives, and wondering: has life always been this hard? This overwhelming? This sad? Most of you know that I came back home this week after leading my father-in-law’s memorial service up in Maine. It was beautiful and fitting and good, and I thank you all for giving my family the time and space to honor him and mourn his passing. That time was a gift.  But it also took a lot out of me, and I knew it [...]

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All in the Family

by the Rev. Sarah Buteux Proper 8, Year B Mark 5:21-33 To view today's service in its entirety, click here Glennon Doyle’s “Untamed,” is many things: a bestseller, a powerful meditation on the roots of our discontent, an unsparing look at the ways women in particular are conditioned to silence our deepest longings, and a book about what it takes to set a soul free.  Within its pages, Glennon talks about racism, sex, body issues, addiction, love, faith, divorce, and redemption. It is a powerful book. But the chapter that I remember most, the one that haunts me to this day, the entry I can’t get out of my mind… is the one about cream cheese.  Has anyone else read, “Untamed?” Do you remember the chapter about cream cheese? It’s so good and it’s so short that I’m going to [...]

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Lent in The Not So Lonesome Valley

    Rev. Sarah Buteux Preached on February 21, 2020, Lent 1 Year B , Mark 1:9-15   And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness.  He was in the wilderness for forty days, tempted by Satan;  and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on him. - Mark 1:12-13   A week and a half into lockdown, way, way back in March of 2020, I asked Heather to open our worship by singing:  Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley. (You know the words) He had to walk it by himself,  O nobody else could walk it for him,  he had to walk it by himself. We must walk this lonesome valley; We have to walk it by ourselves… You must go and stand your trial,  you must stand it by yourself Oh, nobody else can stand it for [...]

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