We are so happy to host the talented Ensemble Musica Humana, EMH, once again.


The poster from EMH’s June Concert

This Summer’s program, titled, of Love / of War is…


A program of Alessandro Scarlatti, Melani, Handel, and Purcell, featuring vocal and instrumental repertoire on themes of “war” and “peace.” The trumpet and flute provide perfect duet partners to the voice, while contrasting with each other in timbre and connotation. These uniquely orchestrated musical selections will illustrate the duality between the two reigning Baroque aesthetics: Love and War. ~ Ensemble Musica Humana


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According to their website, Ensemble Musica Humana describes themselves as a “vibrant ensemble specializing in imaginative and historically informed musical performances. Drawing from primary sources, we seek to creatively engage with history through music, and bring to life a myriad of ancient musical traditions.”

The ensemble takes its name from the Pythagorean concept of the Music of the Spheres as presented in the seminal work of Boethius, De Musica, which describes the three branches of music. Musica Mundana, the divine harmony created by the movements of the stars and planets; Musica Instrumentalis, the sounds made by instruments and singers; and Musica Humana, the music that resonates within the human body when it is in harmony with the music of the spheres.

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EMH will be back in the fall with an additional two shows in early October, be sure to check back for more updates.