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NORTHAMPTON. At 5:30 pm on Saturday, May 7th, world renowned cellist, and
Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra in Iraq, Karim Wasfi, makes a
local appearance with Jehann El-Bisi, invited artist, as part of his
people-to-people cultural arts exchange between the US and Iraq. The public is
invited to this free performance, part of a national tour, bringing together poets,
painters and musicians.
“This event is an offering of light, and encouragement to all, during these
challenging times. It is a celebration of collaboration, interconnectivity, synergy,
the yearning for peace, and the restoration of humanity, felt by people around the
world”, according to the artists’ statement.
As a survivor of a war-torn Iraq, post US invasion, Karim Wasfi’s knowledge and
experience is relevant to the current world situation. He spends a great deal of
his time traveling, performing, and creating relationships for developing
partnerships through the arts.
Dr. El-Bisi, is a mother, independent artist, and peace maker. Jehann’s acclaimed
short documentary, The River Cried Mni W’Coni, was created after her
participation at Standing Rock. Following an accident, she focuses now on
healing, painting, and poetry. Creative and spiritually engaged activism is the
journey she shares with Maestro Karim Wasfi.

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