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As was true for many of the Hebrew Testament prophets, the prophet Ezekiel was called to speak in a time of great turmoil. Israel was on the precipice of the Babylonian exile. Ezekiel’s community was struggling to find a way through this challenge that both honored God and met the demands of their existence.

Join us as Julia Khan leads us in a discussion about how the message Ezekiel received can guide our lives and work in this tumultuous time.

Please e-mail Sarah (pastorsarah@firstchurches.org) if you can come at 5:00 to help make soup.
Come at 6:00 for worship and dinner.

What to Expect @ Common Ground…

Our gatherings begin around 5:00, with folks gathering in the kitchen to prepare the evening’s soup, set up for the meal, and catch up with one another.

At 6:00 we gather in a circle and the more formal part of our worship begins with singing, candle lighting, prayers, and the breaking of the bread. We then help ourselves to some soup, sit down to eat, and talk about the evening’s theme. We’ll often hear a reading from the Bible and then after a short reflection or sermon, everyone is invited to engage in conversation.

Around 7:00 we wrap things up, receive a blessing, and clean up together.

Our liturgy is based in the ancient liturgical practice of call and response so anyone can participate whether or not they can read words or music. There is a table full of quiet activities to engage the kids throughout the evening if they start to feel restless and a child care professional is also on hand to watch children in our nursery if they just need to be in their own space to play.

The food is vegetarian, often vegan. And you can even make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the communion bread for your dinner and no one will mind.

Actually we’d encourage it because we believe that communion is a sign that in God’s kingdom all are welcome at the table and no one should go home hungry.

As a church, we are always looking for opportunities to head out into the fields during the week so we can all get back in touch with where our food comes from and work together to make sure that food gets to people who need it. We currently maintain 3 plots at the Grow Food Northampton Garden and meet there Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 4:30 to work, play, and pray together.

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