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All Church Planning Retreat

Saturday, February 11 @Lyman Hall

9 Am till Noon, coffee and bagels at 8:30 Am

After more than a year of work with the First Churches Vision Team, we are moving towards implementing ideas now in the 1st quarter of 2017.  We are exploring a structure of three ministries – Administrative, Inward and Outward Ministries – with a focus on creating flexible, clear, focused teams instead of standing committees with three year commitments to join.  (You can download a .pdf slide show of the working draft at firstchurches.org/organization.)

The Vision Team has held three focus groups to get feedback from stakeholders in all three ministry areas and is fine-tuning a proposal.  Our hope for this meeting is to begin taking the first steps to implementing this new structure and vision.  It is easy to tinker and fine tune forever, but there comes a time when we have to learn by testing it out.  This is not a perfect system that can’t change, so our perspective is “build it, test it, fix it.”

You can sign up to attend, to help us get a bagel and coffee count, but just come and help us build our church life together!

We listen for God’s still speaking voice,

We invite ALL into joyful community,

We work together to make God’s love and justice real.

Draft Vision/Covenant Statement

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