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Advent is upon us
a season of waiting,
a time of promise,
an occasion for hope.

Come cultivate a peace at Common Ground this December as we work together to usher in the love and light of God’s kingdom.

Listen to the Lambs

On December 1 we’ll focus on Isaiah’s radical vision of a peaceable kingdom. In a world where marginalized people are feeling more vulnerable than ever how can we possibly get from here to there? Before we wrestle with how to tame the wolves and lions, let’s first talk about how to listen to the lambs.

Where the Light Breaks in

Life doesn’t always work out the way we hope, but God can find a way to work through us and around us no matter what. On December 15th we’ll take a closer look at Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew – one of the most curious and subversive texts in all of scripture – and share about the dark and broken places in our lives where we see God’s light breaking through.

Come at 5:00 to help cook and set-up.

Come at 6:00 for worship and dinner.

Come cultivate a peace.

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