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Maybe you have been thinking about joining First Churches, but you have some hesitations.“I don’t have a strong enough understanding of my faith to join.”  Welcome to the club! Every Sunday we say we are a church for believers, questioners and questioning believers. Membership is the first step, not the last. “Will I be asked to join a committee?”  While we hope that every member finds at least one way to share their time and talents with the community, committees are not the only way to be involved.

Becoming a part of community is an ongoing process of getting to know people, the culture and how things work. First Churches is a busy place, and many long- term members find it hard to keep up, so its not just you! To assist you in getting to know the church better we have two opportunities. On February 5, we will have an orientation meeting where you can find out more about the theology and history of First Churches and our parent denominations, the United Church of Christ and American Baptists.

Please email Pastor Todd at pastor@firstchurches.org or Pastor Sarah at pastorsarah@firstchurches.org or call the church office if you want more info.

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