Cantata-403x315Over the past several years Janet and I have been talking about starting a music series at the church.  We have been thinking about sponsoring four concerts per calendar year, featuring our organ in one of them and finding a variety of musicians to perform in the other three.

I would really like to begin to work on this project in earnest over the summer and am hoping that there might be others who would be interested in joining the discussion.  I have thought about calling the series “Music at the Meeting House,” and have had a few ideas about getting started.  The woman who is in charge of the musical programs at the Brick Church in Old Deerfield has offered to be a resource, so I think that we are really ready to get the planning stage underway.

Please speak to me in church or email if you are interested in participating in a conversation about this.

On another topic, many thanks to everyone who contributed to the handchime fund in memory of Bea and Dot!  We reached our goal very quickly, so the chimes were ordered and have already arrived.  They will be dedicated during the worship service on June 9.  It will be very special to remember both Dot and Bea whenever we use the chimes.  Thank you so much!!

We have nearly come to the end of our choir season, and I want to acknowledge all of the wonderful people in our choir who have devoted so much time and energy to singing each Sunday.  I hope that they have all had as good a time as I have!  We will sing for the last time this season on June 9 and will be back in the choir loft on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Members of the Bell Choir are a similarly devoted and fun group.  We hope to be able to introduce the chimes to the congregation on June 9 and then to play again before the end of June.

I am in touch with Janet on a regular basis, and she sends her love to everyone.  She is enjoying a visit with her daughter Judy this week.  She is always happy to receive cards and letters.  She was especially thrilled by a Mother’s Day card she got from her cat Sparky.  The outside said simply, “Happy Mother’s Day,” with the message inside, “You’re sitting in my chair!”