Week of November 2 

Read Chapter on Sky, pages 97-126 in “Grounded” by Diana Butler Bass

 We are beginning Week 3 of our House Church groups on Monday, November 2.  Use the questions below to stimulate your thoughts and discussions.  If you missed a group meeting, remember you can always catch up on Sundays at 11:30 in Pastor Todd’s Study.  Copies of the book are still available for $20 from the church office.

  1. Are you a “star gazer” who stays up to see celestial events like eclipses or meteor showers?  Describe an event that impacted you and why it was meaningful.
  2. Jesuit scientist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin suggested that the cosmos is unfolding in a spiritually purposeful way, toward a human awakening. (p. 107)  Discuss the merits of this idea.  In what ways might it be true, or what situations seem to negate this?
  3. Discuss any spiritual practices you have tried that have focused on breath? Why do you think spiritual practices focus on breathing?  (p.109-111)
  4. Do you relate more to the “vertical” or “horizontal” aspects of faith? (p. 118)
  5. Hildegard of Bingen said “If we fall in love with creation deeper and deeper, we will respond to its endangerment with passion.” Discuss the importance of this quote.