Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our Haiti Scholarship drive. First Churches sent $4253.00 to Global Ministries to be used for scholarships for K-13 students at the CONASPEH school in Port-au-Prince. That is enough for 36 students to attend for free. Thank you for your generosity.

Catherine Jordan and Pauline Bassett planned to visit Haiti in January with two members of First Church in Longmeadow.  We were especially looking forward to a trip to the artist colony of Jacmel with Miguelson Charles. Unfortunately, Patrick Villier, head of CONASPEH, advised us not to make the trip in January due to uncertainty surrounding the runoff elections scheduled for after Christmas. The First Church group is now going in February, but no one from First Churches is able to go at that time.

The runoff Presidential elections in Haiti have now been postponed indefinitely, and there has been some violence. See: Global Ministries and New York Times

Miguelson asks that we at First Churches pray for Haiti during this electoral crisis:

Please pray that God gives all Haitians a clear vision so that they may come together not to seek personal interest but to seek the interest of the entire country.”

Haiti needs our prayers and our support.