First Churches Sanctuary, May 16 2pm


An Encore performance of a staged reading of Laura Harrington’s Hallowed Ground.Award-Winning playwright Harrington’s body of work explores the human cost of war.

Hallowed Ground is set in Georgia, October 1864, in the aftermath of Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Four people are caught in the path of his army, each facing the destruction of the world they know.

The play is about crossing borders, the search for forgiveness, the hope for redemption and
the strength of the human spirit in the face of utter desolation.

Directed by August Company co-founder Liesel de Boor, with original music composed by Peter de Boor, and a sound landscape created by UMass sound designer Amy Altadonna, the reading features Robyn

Sutton-Fernandez as Micah, who is freed by the army but bound to the only land and family she has known; Cait Griffin as Lizzie, the only survivor of the family that enslaved Micah, newly discovered to be her sister; Jim Nutter as Jack, a Union soldier who in a moment of grace chooses not to shoot a young conscripted confederate, and takes a fatal bullet in the pause; and Ben Finn, as that saved soldier who will not rest until he can find in the battlefield of the fallen and thank him for his life.

Hallowed Ground captures Micah’s first moments of freedom, and the profound complexities of her new life. Given the current conversations about race and the legacy of slavery, it’s not only a play for reflection on this 150th anniversary of the end of The Civil War, it is a searing spotlight on what many consider to be an unhealed wound. In addition, the play raises profound questions about God, our purpose in life and God’s plan.

Click here to see what Masslive says about the play, and join us on May 16th! See you there!