I think most of you know what Sabbath is even if you don’t observe it as faithfully as you would like. What you might not know is that the tradition of keeping Sabbath does not just involve taking one day off in every seven, but one year off in every seven as well. That’s right, a whole year!

During that sabbatical year the land was left untilled, slaves were freed, debts were forgiven, and the people pooled all their resources to ensure that no one went hungry. At the end of that year all the people in the holy land were invited to join their Jewish brothers and sisters for a festival called “Hakhel.”

Well, we are coming to the end of a sabbatical year and Sharon Moulton and I have been part of an interfaith conversation about how we can revive this ancient tradition. Under the umbrella of “Harvesting Hope: a multi-faith call to action,” we have planned a whole series of events to explore and experience what a sabbatical year could mean for us, our community, and our planet.

At our next Common Ground on September 17, I hope to teach you more about this ancient practice and lead a discussion about the implications and possibilities that abound within it. We’ll be making Ratatouille to enjoy alongside Hungry Ghost Bread.

Cook and set-up from 5-6
Worship over dinner from 6-7:15
Clean up from 7:15-7:30
and then continue the conversation at
Common Ground After Dark at the Foundry

Come Cultivate a Peace,

Pastor Sarah