Week of November 9

  – Read Chapters on Roots and Home, pages 133-193






  1. How important are your genealogical roots to your sense of well being (on a 1-10 scale)?  Identify one important way that your roots matter to you.
  2. DBB writes, “
    [We] have forgotten who we are and where we came from. We are nomads in time….So we go about as historical nomads, picking up random names, dates, bits of odd information, souvenirs of the past.  But the big picture is gone, save what we reassemble.”  (p. 141-142)  How true is this and what is the spiritual impact of being nomads?  What is the role of church in a nomad society?
  3. What importance are the genealogies in the Bible? What most surprised you about biblical genealogies?  In what ways to our personal and Biblical genealogical research interconnect, or construct our personal narrative?



  1. Share briefly together about what or where home is for you.  How is this related to the question “Where is God?” that is so central to the book, “Grounded?”
  2. How does “home” relate to “family”? How are this similar and yet different?
  3. Discuss the importance of “habits” and how they relate home life. What are your habits that make home real?
  4. On page 191, DBB writes “God dwells in the world the way a soul dwells in the body.” How does this image work for you?  In what way is our home in God?