Check it Out! Whirl is a playful new Sunday school experience rooted in the rhythms  of the church year. With the help of some very colorful and eccentric characters (like Otto and Tot pictured above), we will be delving deep into themes from each Sunday’s Bible readings.

If you’d like to get a preview and meet some of the wild and crazy characters that make Whirl such a delight click here. (No seriously, click there, because you’re going to love it!) Pastor Sarah’s children have really enjoyed watching the clips and they are very excited to be part of Sunday School this year. Speaking of Pastor Sarah…

Meet The Rev. Sarah Buteux
Our New Associate Pastor for Christian Education


Pastor Sarah comes to us after 12 years of ministry as a solo pastor in New England. She is the mother of George (age 7) and Genevieve (age 4) and as such she is deeply invested in the spiritual education of children and the question of how we nurture their inner lives while passing on the stories of our faith to the next generation.

“I don’t think of children as the church of tomorrow,” she says, “but as a vital part of the church today, and I am committed to finding ways to bring children into the full life and witness of our faith community.”

Sarah is a graduate of Smith College and Harvard Divinity School. She is also the founding pastor of Common Ground, a family style farm-to-table dinner church that has recently found a home at First Churches.