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The Dorcas Society

Dedicated to deeds of kindness and acts of charity
Acts 9:36-43 [Pictured: Beatrice Clugston, founder of the Dorcas Society, from]

The Dorcas Society

The First Churches’ Dorcas Society was organized in 1809, and has been serving continuously ever since. We help the community and our church in many ways. In the early days, the Dorcas Society served for those in need before the sewing machine (and sliced bread) was invented! We have given to many charities, and more recently we have helped some of our church members go to summer camp. We give money to the church to help with needed repair or improvements including most recently a donation to repair our Skinner Organ.

The Dorcas Society meets for lunch once a month, developing friendships and support for each other. All women are invited to attend. We would love to have you join us. Call the church office at 413-584-9392 for more information. Membership is not required.

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