A new year has begun.
As it unfolds,
as our journey continues,
Who do you believe God is calling you to be?
And how can we,
as a community,
help you find your way from here to there?

Over bowls of potato cheddar broccoli soup and the warm crusty goodness of Hungry Ghost bread, Susannah Crolius and I will lead us as we think deeply about where we’ve been and where we hope to go, who we’ve been and who we might yet be.

We’ll be making little sacred bundles, similar to Native American medicine bags, full of blessings to help us on our journey. There will be plenty of supplies on hand, but we want to invite you to bring along any small tokens, talismans, stones, quotes, verses, or any other snatches of inspiration you might want to pack into your bundle for the journey.

This Thursday promises to be one of our more creative, hands-on, and experiential evenings; one we believe old and young will equally enjoy. So come with an open heart and ready hands and let’s see what sort of holy we might create together.
Come at:

5:00 if you’d like to help prepare dinner.
5:30 if you’d like to visit ahead of time and help set-up
at 6:00 we’ll gather and formally begin
We hope you will join us.

with great anticipation,

Pastor Sarah