The Hampshire Association

Southern New England Conference

United Church of Christ

Ecclesiastical Council for Julia Khan

First Churches of Northampton, MA

February 7, 2021



Call to Order                                                                         Rev. Ton Whiteside, Moderator

Roll Call of Churches                                                           Judy Stone, Scribe

Welcome                                                                                 Rev. Todd Weir, First Churches

Opening Prayer                                                                     Rev. Sarah Buteux, First Churches

Introduction of the Candidate Candidate                  Richard Tracy, Church & Ministry Comm.

Presentation                                                                           Julia Khan

Question and Answer Period

Presentation of Authority to Ordain                                                    Jan Varnon, Vice-Moderator

The candidate, her family and friends are asked to leave the meeting

Discussion                                                                                    Jan Varnon and Rev. Ton Whiteside

The Vote

The candidate, her family and friends are invited to rejoin the meeting. 

Hymn                                                                                    “God’s Whose Giving Knows No Ending”