This daily devotional was written by teens in Massachusetts to help us love throughout Lent. This week we focus on learning to love God.

April 9

“When you are bullied it makes you more self-conscious. You feel as if you have to do things to feel good about yourself. Your friends try all they want but nothing can stop your from being bullied. The only way to stop a bully is taking action. The worst part about being bullied is that it never seems to go away. It always finds a way to stop you. To feel like nothing about you or your life is right. Even when you think you are unstoppable, this person takes that away from you. You feel unnoticed…like a chameleon. You blend into your surroundings. The only thing that will pull you out is someone standing up for you. But, no one does that. Your friends are never around when it happens. So, you are stuck in the bullies’ shadow. Once in, there is no escape. You are stuck there. Everything they’ve done or said to you is replaying in your head like your favorite scene of a play or movie. The only difference is this is actually happening and it isn’t fun to go through. You’re waiting for it to stop. You don’t see it coming. It could be your best friend who bullies you. You just want to be free and leave this person’s shadow. You want to be with your friends. You want your life back. You want to forget this and leave it behind.”

Grade 8
Have you ever felt self-conscious, lonely, angry, sad, isolated, alienated?

How have you coped with these feelings?

As we enter into Holy Week, we can reflect on how Jesus may have felt. Do you think Jesus had any of these feelings?

How did Jesus cope with these difficulties and how might you do the same?