This daily devotional was written by teens in Massachusetts, to help us practice loving throughout Lent. This week we focus on learning to love our neighbors.

March 13

by Britany Riddle

Love can be hard for everyone. Friends, family, neighbors. Neighbor is a hard word to define when it comes to religion. “Love your neighbor.” A neighbor could be people at school, work, people on your street, or people all across the world. A neighbor could be someone you’ve never met. Just remember that whoever you define as neighbor, love them. Love can help you in hard times and in easy times. Just don’t forget that if you love your neighbor, you can love other things, too.
God – Forgive me for forgetting to love the people I know and those that I don’t know. Help me love my neighbors. Help me to remember to forgive them. Help me not to walk away from them. And help my neighbors love their neighbors too. Amen.