This daily devotional was written by teens of the Massachusetts United Church of Christ to help us practice loving better throughout Lent. This week we focus on learning to love ourselves.

March 7

“You desire the truth in my inward being therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart… Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me”’ from Psalm 51.

The activity of doodling is a relaxing activity. Take some time to create a piece of art and contemplate the beauty you are able to create. This is a gift from God which you can share with the world.

Take a moment and gaze at the beautiful picture created by Isabela Rahim for this post and then pray…

Prayer: When I criticize myself

Loving and accepting God,
Day after day I criticize myself and others, confusing the blame and guilt that weigh me down with righteous and compassionate judgement. Lift from me, I pray, the burning of regret about my actions and resentment over the actions of others. Teach me to repent fully and forget freely, trusting your divine vision to see the true content of my heart and to measure the true justice of community, Give us grace to accept and affirm one another as beloved children of God, and to fulfill our real vocation to love and serve me neighbor in all my words and work this week, through Christ, in whose name I pray.