Ash Wednesday, February 10

Ritual of Ashes and Prayer – Noon to 1 PM

Meditation Service – 6:30pm

Begin Lent by grounding yourself in the physical nature of your being, through the ancient ritual of smudging your forehead with ashes. “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.” We are part of the physical earth, limited and changing, and must exist in harmony and continuity with all living things.

Palm Sunday, March 20

We will join Edwards UCC Church and St. John’s Episcopal Church for the Blessing of the Palms. We will congregate at the St. Mary’s Grotto across from the old First Baptist Church, followed by a processional through the downtown. We will also welcome new members.

Maundy Thursday, March 24

 Tenebrae Service 7:00pm in the Sanctuary

First Churches will host a Tenebrae candlelight service in the Sanctuary. Please visit the Art Installation, Flight, in Lyman Hall before or after Maundy Thursday Service.


Many of the events surrounding the last days of Jesus’ life are shrouded in shadow. In the fourth century, a solemn observance of Holy Communion, known as “Tenebrae” was celebrated. The service involved the extinguishing of candles as a reminder of the darkness that covered the earth after the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus. “Tenebrae” means shadow or darkness.

The candles are extinguished gradually, symbolic of the gradual flight and denial of the disciples and friends of Jesus during his arrest, trial and execution. However, as we commemorate those events this evening and are reminded of our own fading loyalty and the consequence of our separation from God, we are also reminded that the Light of Christ can never be totally extinguished. In that Light we find forgiveness and fellowship in communion with Christ.

Good Friday, March 25

We invite you to visit our art exhibition entitled “Flight” which portrays the situation of refugees worldwide in a “Stations of the Cross” format.  The exhibit is open daily throughout the week.  Click here for details and times:


Easter Sunday, March 27

You are invited to bring bright flowers to place on the cross to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.