Please save February 9, March 9 and March 23 on your calendar in 2013. Each of these Saturdays will be a four hour dialog session about our congregation’s future. Margaret Keyser, the consultant who worked with First Churches regarding the Center for the Arts proposal, will be continuing work she began with the congregation last Spring. Since the Search Committee had called me to be the new pastor, the congregation moved at that time to suspend the process to include me, for which I am very grateful.

The dialog sessions have several goals. First, Margaret will work with us to ensure good group process and open communication. It is essential that our conversations feel safe and respectful, that people can talk openly and be heard, seeking to understand each other before we launch into our own agendas.

Second, we want to follow up on issues that emerged in the Arts Trust discussions. It is important to have solid grasp of our financial picture and explore possibilities to ensure a solid and thriving future. How can we best be good stewards of all our God-given resources, including our endowment, our building and all the legacies our fore-bearers have left us? Like any nonprofit organization we must assess our mission and purpose, our assets and operating expenses, and our opportunities for the future. Please be in prayer that we may do this with honestly, prudence and creativity as well as with faith, hope and love.

Pastor Todd