On Sunday June 10th, 2012, members of First Churches unanimously confirmed the Search Committee’s recommendation to call Reverend Todd Lowell Weir as First Churches’ next Senior Minister. Rev. Weir currently serves as part-time Interim Pastor at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Poughkeepsie, NY, as well as Program Director for Hillcrest House, a multi-service homeless residence. Before that, Rev. Weir was Pastor for 12 years at First Congregational Church, UCC (Poughkeepsie NY). He will preach his first Sunday service on July 15th, 2012.

Reverend Weir, on his Theology

My faith has always been a blend of social activism and contemplation.  Jesus’ love for the poor and outcastes from society is a core theological guidepost in my life.  My mother took me to Vietnam peace marches when I was five, so peace and social justice is in my blood.  My faith is strongly rooted in scripture, thanks to growing up in the Bible Belt.  Over time I have moved to more liberal interpretations, and I enjoy biblical research, especially reading Marcus Borg.  Quiet contemplation through journaling and mindful meditation is my daily practice, guiding me to be watchful for God in the present moment.”

Rev. Weir & Family

Todd grew up in Iowa nurtured by a loving Baptist church, but he’s been based in New England and NY State for over 25 years. He was ordained in 1991 by the UCC. He and wife Jeanne Fenton were married in 2009. Jeanne grew up in Switzerland and Greece before coming to the United States for college. She is a Certified Financial Planner, has both an M.Div. and an MBA, and wants to find ways to blend both in Northampton. Todd and Jeanne love Ballroom and Latin dancing, and are currently completing Bronze Level Rumba!  They are also avid readers, enjoy cooking together and hiking. Todd and Jeanne have four children.  Christina, 24, lives in Washington, DC, works for Wedding Wire, an on-line wedding planner, and runs marathons.  Patrick, 21, is attending Hendrix College in Arkansas and works for US Commercial Service, helping Arkansas companies compete in a global environment.  James, 18, attends Dutchess Community College.  He runs an on-line marketing business for Xbox gamers.  Michael, 17, is in high school in Sherborn, Massachusetts.