pipes removed for repair


Work continues on the construction of The Sydenham Parsons Memorial Organ brochure. Lucky for us, hard hats are not necessary for our meetings! We have made the momentous decisions regarding photos and text….now we face the challenge of just the right arrangement of both for the brochure. “Construction” is on schedule and the goal is to have the brochure ready in time for the concert presented by the Organ Historical Society on July 2.

This past month the organ fund has grown with the addition of $2400: Trustees designated the annual distribution from the Paul and Doris Charitable Trust of $1740 to the Organ Fund and three additional donations were given. This brings the current total to $15,725. To close out the end of the fiscal year in June, the money in the Organ Fund will be applied to defray the cost of the organ repairs ($26,220). AND…there still will be the opportunity to donate to the organ repairs during the fiscal year 2016 (July 2015 – June 2016), as all donations will offset the draw down on the line of credit (part of the church’s loan negotiation with NUVO Bank) needed to fund these repairs.


For those who have given…thank you…

For those who plan to give…thank you for your intentions…

Quietly at work…

Dana, Dick, Marcia, Peg


First Churches Organ

First Churches Historic Organ


We are pleased to report the “asking” letter that was sent out to the congregation in early April was very well received. The Organ Fund has received a steady amount of donations and the current total is at $13,325. That is one-half of the current expense of $26,220 for the organ repairs. How exciting it would be if the Organ Fund was able to defray two thirds ($17,567) or even three fourths ($19,665) of the cost!

The committee has begun the second task of our mission… and that is the creation of a brochure about the Skinner organ which can serve as a source of information for many years to come (we hope). Our goal is to have it available in time for the concert in early July. Gregory Wilson has offered to share his organizational expertise in helping us with this endeavor.

For those who have given…thank you…

For those who plan to give…thank you for your intentions…

Still quietly at work…

Marcia, Dana, Dick, Peg



A slide show of the organ repair has been prepared for this Sunday’s Second Hour (Sunday, March 15th!) Grab a coffee and come see the intricate detail involved in restoring your beloved Organ!

We have begun the process of having two of the wind chests repaired for our Skinner Organ. We will miss the organ being played every week, but we are excited to have everything repaired properly to maintain the quality and sound of the incredible instrument. We will be hosting a concert as part of the Organ Historical Society’s 60th Convention in July 2015. We are delighted to share this instrument with the community and generations to follow.

THE ORGAN FUND (February 1, 2015)

At the January Council meeting, the Church Council voted to establish an Organ Fund and ad hoc committee to solicit money for the organ repairs currently taking place. This committee will exist for not more than one year and all proceeds will be used to pay down the line of credit at NUVO Bank which is being used to pay the repair bills as they come in. Marcia Kennick, Dana Pasquale, Dick Purrington and Peg Whitham have volunteered to serve on the hoc committee.

As Dana has already explained, these repairs to the damaged wind reservoirs are necessary if the Church is to maintain the stewardship of the Skinner Organ. The cost of this project is $26,220 with the possibility of an additional $6000 for tuning and other minor repairs following the major repair. It was felt that any fundraising that might raise monies to help defray the cost of the organ repairs would serve to help the church through this financially challenging time.

So that is the Organ Fund Committee’s intention. The Organ Fund has started up and incoming funds total (to date) $2765. We are excited to be initiating this fundraiser and know that many members and friends will be willing to support this fund drive.

Marcia, Dana, Dick, Peg

We will continue to keep you posted throughout the restoration process.organ

Thank you all for your tremendous support during this time.