First Churches is pleased to be able to support Oonagh and the Guatemala Partnership. Last Sunday First Churches collected school supplies for Oonagh to take with her when travelling to Guatemala this week. As she sets off on her trip, she would like to say thank you for all the generous support the congregation has amassed in such a short time.

School Supplies

Some of the supplies Oonagh has to fit into her luggage..

So far folks have donated:

15 calculators

2 paintbrush sets (5 brushes each set)

9 watercolor sets

6 marker sets

15 crayon sets

4 chalk sets

2 colored pencil sets

5 pencil sets of regular pencils

3 pretty Disney pencil sets

75 or so Smokey the Bear pencils

30 or so Smokey bookmarks

60 or so pencil end erasers

10 glue sticks

a set of basic math flash cards

a cute pony print back pack

a sketch pad

Some lovely, lovely, letters and hand drawn pictures from First Churches Sunday school children.

WOW – this is a generous congregation.  And on such short notice too. Amazing, people!

Some little kids will be very very excited very soon,  I also have some cash which I will use today to get more school supplies, until I hit the max weight for the suitcase, and after that I’ll move onto school shoes, which are cheaper to buy over there in the marketplace.

I can’t say thanks enough.- Oonagh Dohrety

If you missed Oonagh’s article for the Messenger, click the link to read,  The Guatemala Partnership