Last night’s Maundy Thursday Service was a thing of beauty. As more and more people poured through the door, I wondered if we’d have enough food. As more and more food appeared in the kitchen, I wondered if we’d have enough people to eat it all. In the end, I started to wonder if we’d have enough chairs and tables, but God is good… all the time, and true to the promise of Christ’s table, there was enough for all.


A special thank you to Dana, Jacqui, Stephen, Heather, and the choir for your beautiful music. Thank you to Greg, Todd, Anne, Dori, and everyone who came early to help cook and set up. Thank you to Julianna for watching the little ones in the Rainbow Room, to all our readers who brought the story to life, to everyone who stayed late to wash up, to those of you who went out of your way to welcome visitors, and finally to all of you who came. We had over 70 people gathered around the table last night to hear the story of Christ’s journey to the cross. It was a blessing to break bread, share the cup, and enter into the heart of that story with you all. God bless you and keep you through this Good Friday and Holy Saturday till hope dawns once more this Easter Sunday.


With gratitude,

Pastor Sarah

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