Every Tuesday at noon a small circle of between four and eight folks gather for prayer and
discussion in the sanctuary. We pray for the conversion of the consciences of the President and his
advisors that they may cease the immoral and illegal practice of drone warfare and assassinations.
We pray for our nation and its diverse communities, which the scourge of gun violence end.
But, most of all, we pray for the grace to not turn aside. We pray for the strength of the Good
Samaritan who did not pass by the beaten and bleeding stranger. A stranger whose people were
considered enemies. We pray because we try to follow the man from Nazareth who preached the
outlandish Gospel of loving one’s enemy We pray because in a world grown as small as our
computer screens, we cannot avoid the truth that there is no one who is not our neighbor. And we
pray because that fact is simply overwhelming. Or, it could be. And so we pray for God’s grace and
tender mercies that each of us, as we are able, will do what we can to mend our broken creation.
And we pray together, because that same man from Nazareth once said, “Whenever two or more is
gathered in my name, there also am I.”
This is why we pray and why we meet. Come, join us, or simply pause at noon on Tuesdays and be
in prayer. Thank you.
The Tuesday Prayer Vigilers