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Wednesday, November 5, 2014 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Coolidge Museum, Forbes Library, Northampton, MA



Editors Tom Clark, Lori Desrosiers and Oonagh Doherty present a reading by poets included in the recently released volume, Paradise Found: A Walking and Biking Tour of Northampton, Massachusetts through Poetry and Art.

This is a gorgeous book published by Levellers Press, full of resonant poems about Northampton, the place so many of of us live in or know. There are paintings and drawings by Greg Stone, Randy Diehl, Scott Prior and others, as well as work by historical figures including Sylvia Plath, Grace Coolidge, Sylvester Graham, and Robert Lowell on Jonathn Edwards. The reading list has not been set, but poets in the book include Kathleen Trestka, Chivas Sandage, Matthew Zapruder, Gary Metras, Ellen Dore Watson, Henry Lyman, Lesléa Newman, Mary E. Delabruere, Richard Michelson, Sally Bellerose, Michael Arraj, Karen G. Johnston, Ellen LaFleche, Diana M Gordon, Susan Stinson, Kat Good-Schiff, Floyd Cheung, Howard Faerstein, Gail Thomas, Carl Russo, Janet Aalfs, along with the editors, and many others.

Copies of Paradise Found will be available for sale.