A Firm Foundation

First Churches 2022-23 Pledge Campaign

We have been through a time of unprecedented challenge and change. 

But through it all, First Churches has stood firm. Our church has been here for us, and we have been here for each other. 

Our faith is not built upon our regal old building or even on our venerable history, but upon God and God’s love that overflows in us through acts of love and worship. 

We invite you to join us in setting aside a portion of your resources so that First Churches can continue to make God’s love and justice real in the world. 

Your support enables us all to provide:

  • shelter, meals, and visits to those in need
  • inspiring sermons, stirring music, faith formation for our children, communion, and occasions for fellowship
  • opportunities for centering prayer, Bible study, and spiritual growth
  • advocacy for peace and justice both locally and overseas
  • a meetinghouse where like-minded people of all faiths can gather to further good work in this world

Thank you. Your pledge will help keep First Churches strong for years to come. 


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So how much should I give?

We have set an ambitious goal this year of $205,000. This will afford us a future where we balance our budget, pay our staff fairly, keep the meetinghouse in good working order, and invest in what we need to keep our worship and ministries strong. 

We trust that you will be as generous as you can, with God’s guidance and within your own circumstances. If you have never pledged, we hope that you will join us. If you already pledge, we hope you can continue at your current level of giving, or even increase your giving to keep our ministry strong. Alternately, if finances are stressful right now, know that we have a Pastor’s Fund to lend a hand.



Pledge Breakdown 2021-2022

Pledge total: $189,849

Pledge units: 75

Average Pledge: $2531


20222023 Asking Budget

Total Operating Budget $360,112

Pledge Goal for 2022-2023 – $205,000


Click here for Online Pledge Form


Please offer your pledge by May 29.