Christmas Eve: Be Not Afraid

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir December 24 2017 Luke 1:26-38 Be not afraid.  Easier said than done, because life often scares the beejezus out of us.  Just ask Matt Lloyd, a climber who likes to scale ice sheets-for fun!  In a Climbing Magazine article Matt wrote: I was in Vail, Colorado, climbing a spectacular 90-foot curtain of ice…. It had formed a thin, fragile pillar running from the ground to the top in one continuous, beautiful blue column. An ice climber’s dream.! That sounds breath-taking, but Matt is deranged.  Who looks at an ice-sheet the size of our church clock tower and says, “Hey, that looks fun to climb”?   I don’t even like to walk down an icy driveway.  I don’t like too much ice in my water for fear of brain freeze.   So here is Matt focused [...]