Image Is Everything

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Text: Matthew 22:15-22 October 22, 2017   What is money really?  Did you see the front-page picture in the Hampshire Gazette throwing $389 in the air and walking away, and people scrambling to happily pick up?  He said it was a freeing thing to say it is just paper.  Any decent economist will tell you it is only worth what value we give it.  Money is a proxy for something else.  Therefore, it is important to see what we put on our money, because it shows what is the real value behind the fives, tens and zeros.   For example, the when the Euro was created, the new EU had a contest to choose a design.  The winner proposed European architectural time periods, the 5 Euro was Classical Greece, the 10 is Romanesque, the 20 [...]