Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

Be Prepared!  Before we start quoting the Boy Scouts motto, being prepared is useful, but not always possible.  Perhaps these five foolish bridesmaids were unprepared, or maybe they had more to do than the other five so-called wise bridesmaids.  And these wise bridesmaids were not so good at sharing their oil.  Isn’t that the essence of the Gospel? Love your neighbor as yourself, give a cup of cold water in my name.  Have a heart, and share your oil.  And what about the bridegroom shutting them out and saying he did not even in know them?  That’s a high price for a lack of preparedness.  I have bad dreams about a lack of readiness, like losing my sermon, , not studying for the biology exam, forget my pants.  On the other hand, my prepared side gets tired of always bailing [...]

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Sermon: “Everything We Need”

Sermon preached by Rev. Todd Weir August 6, 2017 Scripture: Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Any busy, overwhelmed pastor and congregation can relate to this scripture passage.  Like many pastors - after the Lenten study series, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, the crowds and the energy output, Jesus tries to take a mini-vacation.  He rents a boat, I imagine it was a little sailboat.  Jesus spent a lot of time with fisherman boating around the Sea of Galilee, so he probably knew port from starboard.  He gets out into the water, the wind fills his sails, and he starts to relax and ponder.   If Jesus was a modern-day pastor, he might have already consulted his ministry coach by phone call to define what issues he needs to discern.  Based on Matthew 13, he has 3 big issues.  Number one, he [...]

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