“Stupid Things People Say to Pregnant Women”

Stupid Things People Say to Pregnant Women: Mary and Elizabeth Luke 1 :39-55 December 20, 2015 Rev. Todd Weir   People say the strangest things to pregnant women.  First comes the size comments: “Wow, you’re HUGE!”  “Are you sure it’s not twins?” “How much weight have you gained?”  You should put a sign on your back that says WIDE LOAD!” “I can’t imagine how that baby is going to get out.”   Then come the nosy questions:  “Are you sure you’re really pregnant?” “Was it planned?”   And the unsolicited advice: “Did you know you’re not supposed to…” (fill in — “eat that,” “do that,” etc.)  “Get the epidural.  You can’t do it otherwise, it’s horrible.” “I didn’t do an epidural because I love my baby.”   And worst of all are the complete strangers who does not [...]