Sing a New Song

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir Cantata Sunday, May 13, 2018 Scripture:  Psalm 96   My mornings have changed dramatically the last few days.  Since November, the house has been shut tight against the cold, and therefore the sounds of the outdoors.  Now we open our windows a crack for the fresh air, and very early with the rosy, fingered dawn, the birds begin to chirp and sing.  (figure out who is first, and what calls) Mornings now begin with music.   Imagine for a moment if the writer of John’s Gospel had thought to write, “In the beginning was the tone, the note, and then the cord, the scale, (play these on the piano as you say them.)  I wonder which came first, the words or the music?   What if the writer of Genesis had thought about music, on [...]