Wicked Tenants, Wild Grapes and a Massacre

Sermon by Rev. Todd Weir October 8, 2017 Scripture:  Matthew 21:33-46, Isaiah 5:1-7 Click below to play: It’s hard to write a sermon in the eye of an emotional hurricane.  My life isn’t that difficult, but that doesn’t matter when I see angry clouds all around.  I grew up in tornado-ally, so when clouds circle, it’s time to head to the basement.  Which brings me to Monday.  I went through my morning routine of journaling and preparing myself spiritually for the day, with no news, wrote the beginning to my sermon, then the Las Vegas shooting popped on my phone alerts.  Over 50 dead, automatic weapon fire, angry white male without an apparent motive, and the ritual of prayers for the victims begins.  I slammed the door on all of it and went to my emotional basement.  No, [...]