The Vision Team is ready to launch our “Holy Conversation”  about First Churches’ future.

We invite you to Stage One: A Half Day Retreat on Congregational Strengths and Health – 

January 30 from 10 AM to 2 PM in Lyman Hall                            


We will begin to explore our assets and strengths for the future, and how we can best maximize our resources for faith and mission. The process will include time for small group conversations, and well as personal reflections on your place in the future of the church. This is a HIGH PRIORITY meeting to listen to one another and to hear the Holy Spirit in our midst. Our process is not a roadmap with the destination set. It depends on what comes up in conversation. We will also have a chance for written input so everyone can participate at some level. Please RSVP, either HERE or at Coffee Hour, so we can plan lunch and child care if we have enough need.