Give them a preview! Click here to introduce them to some of the wild and crazy characters that make Whirl, our new Sunday School experience, such a delight.
We’ll have music and crafts, great talks and a whole lot of fun this first Sunday, as we learn from the story of “Doubting Thomas” about how important it is to ask questions – even in church!
Hmmm, maybe doubt isn’t so bad after all…..

And a Big Thank You to… 

Judy, Manny, George, Lisa, Angie, Gabe, Ernie, Pastor Todd, Vanessa, and everyone else who has worked so hard to prepare the rooms for Sunday School this year.

The Children’s Church looks amazing thanks to all the hard work, painting, planning, organizing and cleaning these folks have done.

Thanks to Stacy, Dawn, Lisa, Gabe, Barbara, Karin, Sandy, Marion, Yin-Yin, and everyone else who has already offered to help in the classrooms. We are truly blessed!

Registration September 7th
We’ll be registering kids for Sunday School before church at 9:30 am, and again after worship for those families who can’t make it early.
There will be bagels and coffee available, because there’s nothing quite so much fun as working with children after they’ve had coffee. Kidding! Coming early will also give each child a chance to see their classroom and meet some of the teachers.
And since you’ll need to come downstairs to pick them up after worship, please join us for more fellowship.
The Christian Education Board will be hosting coffee hour in the children’s wing so the whole church can come “taste and see” just how exciting this new year promises to be.

Teacher Update
I am delighted to report that a number of people have stepped forward to serve as teachers and helpers, but we can still use a few more.

Teaching with The Whirl curriculum only requires about 20 minutes of preparation outside the classroom. If you think you might be willing to serve in this way, please see Pastor Sarah. She will have a schedule handy Sunday morning and will be ready to plug you into the calendar if you’d like to help as either a teacher or an assistant.

Can’t wait to see you all,

Pastor Sarah