164197_10151300518472484_1678170094_nA year of dialog. Margaret Keyser, 4 Saturdays of bagels and coffee, from tiredness to trust, listening and healing, hearing all voices.  Tiffany windows, good stewardship, what is our purpose?  Marcus Borg house churches, deep insight, challenge, building faith and community.

Installing things. 1 efficient furnace, 243 efficient light bulbs, 1 semi-efficient pastor, 2 new drop ceilings and floors in Church School classrooms.

Worshiping together. Lenten Ashes on the front steps, Palm Sunday in Pulaski Park, Easter flowers sprouting from a cross, new hand chimes, Choir Cantata, bright children shining on Children’s Sunday and Christmas Pageant, Silent Night by candlelight.

Action.  Congressman McGovern challenges. Tuesday’s praying for peace. Hundreds of signatures on petitions.  Noho Pride and Transgender Remembrance Day. Haiti trip, notebooks for children and scholarship funds. CROP Walk, tired feet, good conversation and $3750 raised.  Hurricane relief for the Philipians, 40 Christmas presents for Safe Passages, Hot Chocolate runners and walkers, hundreds of pounds of food for Survival Center, a dozen meals for Cathedral in the Night and cot shelter.

New Members.  Where would we be without Jenna, Patti, Gabe, Lucy, Claudine, Roger, Elaine, Stacy, Merrilyn, Ellen, Heather, Heidi, 2 more!  Can’t wait for more.

Church Fair.  We have bunnies and goats from Heifer!  Free samples of apple pie.  Cookies, jewelry, crafts and raffle.  $6000 raised!  GOAL!

Details.  Budget, data base, website, Facebook, four groups want space on Mondays, duct tape on the organ pipes?  What is on the lawn now?  Isn’t that parking garage on our property?

A Pastor’s Year.  50 sermons, 30 Bible studies, 12 newsletter, 6 weddings, 4 Memorial services, 2 Annual Meetings?  5000 emails, a hundred visits and counseling, holy moments over coffee.  A new house and another move. Jeanne’s broken shoulder, two weeks of great food, support and a house cleaning.

Making it all happen Hiring Ernie Bosques as Church Sexton, Clean church!  Hiring Vanessa Keillor as Church Administrator, Organized church!  (Grateful Pastor.)  Committees, Council and chairs.  Energetic Eric.  Steady and delightful Dana.  All of you!  The Holy Spirit too!